We teach Shitoryu karate, a Japanese traditional martial art which develops important skills useful in everyday life, developing both mental and physical capabilities. Shitoryu karate-do exercises the mind and body to maximize physical effectiveness controlled by a clear, focused spirit. Training it is appropriate for men, women and children regardless of athletic ability and believes.

Our program introduce the traditions and fundamental techniques of the Japanese art of Shitoryu Karate. Through traditional martial art training, students will learn the benefits of coordination, concentration, self-defense, fitness, discipline, confidence as well as some Japanese vocabulary.

Physical Conditioning

Students will get focus on series of exercises to build flexibility, coordination, balance.


Understanding the history and purpose of principles of Shitoryu Karate-Do.

Rhythm and Coordination

Execute movements to challenge and develop the mind and body.

Self Defense

Develop confidence, discipline, attitude and skills to avoid confrontations.