Shitoryu Karate

Shitoryu karate is Japanese traditional martial art which develops important skills useful in everyday life, developing both mental and physical capabilities. Shitoryu karate-do exercises the mind and body to maximize physical effectiveness controlled by a clear, focused spirit. Training it is appropriate for men, women and children regardless of athletic ability and believes. .


Karate is based on technique rather than strength or size. Even a small person can learn to create great power; this is done with techniques reflecting a deep understanding of the body. Furthermore, timing and sharp reaction can be acquired with systematic training methods and are more important than innate athletic ability. In karate we do not simply counter the aggressor’s strength; we capitalize on it through strategy and technique.

Shitoryu karate is not about fighting. The highest objective of Shitoryu karate is to avoid physical confrontation. Students are taught to practice humility but with the confidence that comes from knowing they have the tools to defend themselves if necessary.


Also students develop and appreciate the skills to protect themselves (and others) so that they have the confidence to defuse most situations with words, body language, demeanor and the tone of their voice.